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Transform data into meaningful insights for your local communities.

Artificial Intelligence

Providing advance notice of downturns and upturns in the real estate markets.


Reports are produced dynamically reflecting the latest market conditions in real-time.

Zulloo Insights Software

We crunch the data, delivering insights and predictions so you don’t have to be the data scientist. Zulloo Insights is a comprehensive data platform in the real estate community that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to give you the competitive edge.


Expert knowledge of local markets is the top reason for buyers and sellers in choosing an agent. How well do you know your area?


Operating in a hot or cold market dramatically affects a consumer’s strategy. Do you know which direction it’s trending?


Buyers and sellers are using online resources at record numbers and it’s not just millennials. Are they more aware of what’s going on than you are?


You don’t have to be a data scientist to gain insights from real estate metrics. Are you getting value from your existing data?

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Coldwell Banker
North & Company


Industry leaders can envision how Zulloo is able to help their businesses.

“As a Real Estate Agent in such a volatile market, it is imperative to stay on top of the fast paced pricing and trends. ZULLOO gives me the edge over other agents and takes the guess work out of my real estate business!”

Matthew Smith, Coldwell Banker

Matthew Smith, Broker
Coldwell Banker SEAL

“We as realtors lack information. We want to do the best for our clients but we are not doing them any justice if we price the home too low, or too high and miss out on a lot of showings. I feel ZULLOO is good for real estate agents because pricing a home is something that is always an issue.”

Teton Wilson

Teton Wilson, Realtor,
PhxRealEstateGuy HomeSmart

“ZULLOO keeps the integrity of the realtor. Realtors are so busy they don’t have time for busy work. Most realtors want a visual dashboard.”

Lauren Reilly

Lauren Reilly, Realtor,


Zulloo employs rigorous techniques in statistics and econometric analysis, utilizing real estate and economic data combined with search trend data, social sentiment, and proprietary local social metrics that help provide insight into the behavioral element that drives real estate markets.

84 of sellers choose agent that possess local market expertise
60 of buyers evaluate an agent's local market knowledge
87 of buyers use online resources

About the Team

Our goal is to empower the real estate community along with every current and future homeowner, who has most of their net worth wrapped up in their home, with better information about their home’s future value, and why it is likely to change.

It takes a different kind of company to empower a community,
that’s why we founded Zulloo Inc.

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